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Shades of Ray

2010-01-10 17:25:21 by Flashcard-Man

It has been a while since my last post, and for the past six weeks I've been working on a comic called "Shades of Ray", which includes characters like Geom and Bladus from my other sketches. Because of the submitting limit on unscouted artists, I cannot post it here, but you can check it out on my dA account, which I have added to my page as my website. Feel free to leave comments here.


Shades of Ray

Even More Art!

2009-11-22 20:13:14 by Flashcard-Man

If you ever looked at my page, you would have seen Geom, a bunch of geometric shapes that order themselves to the general body shape of a human. Well, I decided to create another related picture, Bladus and his partner, with Bladus being the same breed of creature as Geom.

So what's with the human's glowing watch? Why is a creature with sword arms allied with him? Why is there a giant lightning bolt as the background? And what does this picture have to do with Geom?
Since no one views my art anyway, I won't waste the data space or time answering these questions. It would also be best if you viewed the picture in my art section, due to the fact that JPEG messes up my artwork

If you happen to stumble upon my page or my artwork, be sure to leave a review or you may find flashcards imbedded in your skull, or maybe your notes will go missing the day before a big English test.

I have that power


Even More Art!

New Art

2009-10-31 13:33:07 by Flashcard-Man

It has been about 20 days since my last post and my last submitted piece of artwork. I was unscouted right after being scouted without being given reasons why.

So I made this campfire on GIMP, but I'm not sure if I'm done with it yet. I could through in some pokemon, or add a bag or two, just something to make the field feel less empty. Suggestions are appreciated

And, due to the better quality of my recent art, most of my works before my self portrait are to be removed in hopes of removing their stigma. You can always see them on my news posts or you can ask for me to re-post them. I realize my art is not as good as most of the Art Portal artists, but I am improving through the power of Flashcards

Below is a picture of my campfire in a clearing.
And that's it


New Art

Touzokogami, Again

2009-10-05 20:22:27 by Flashcard-Man

Again with the Okami art by Flashcard-Man. I felt that I needed to make something, so I made my brush god in a feline pose under the stars with a dandelion nearby. I found my work to be great this time, much better than when I first started at Newgrounds.
If anyone else uses GIMP, they can tell that I used excessive amounts of smudging, blur, and softglow.
I hope people enjoy this one.

On a side flashcard note: LOTA is still on pause due to voice acting issues, but I'm thinking of doing more art about myself, Flashcard Man, including a comic.
Look forward to future Flashcard work


Touzokogami, Again

Okamiden Celebration

2009-09-20 17:42:02 by Flashcard-Man

Although this post is a little late, I can still celebrate the announcement of Okamiden for DS. Okami is the most artistic video game in existence. I have played it through 3 times. If you don't like Okami, you have no soul :(
So with my new art program GIMP, I was able to make a brushwork picture of an Okami-like character.
Using a Japanese translator, I named him Touzokogami, with gami being the normal suffix for brush gods.
I hope my fellow Okami fans enjoy this picture and if you hate it, tell me why.
On a side note, GIMP has improved the look of my art and Scribblenauts, while fun, got repetitive very quickly

Until my next post, may the card be with you

Okamiden Celebration

I have finished my first picture in a long time. And it's a picture of me!
It was also my first time using GIMP, which I used to add effects and create the background. Flashcard man himself, however, was hand drawn by me and colored on the computer.
It took many man hours to get it perfect and a lot of sweat, tears and flashcards.
It looks awesome and I am in all my glory as a threat to ignorance and the foe of all foolishness. I reign proud and victorious as the best superhero of all time.

And what happens when I finally finished a GOOD piece of work. I'm unscouted and Slain-By-The-Bell lost his scouting privileges. This is probably because of the Karakuridoji picture from a while ago. But once Flashcards reign supreme once more, I shall be scouted again.

Thanks to all my comrades on Newgrounds who think my persona is rather entertaining and silly,

LOTA update

2009-08-25 14:40:21 by Flashcard-Man

After devoting long hours to making my flash, I have finished the title sequence. It looks pretty good and Slain-By-The-Bell made the backgrounds on Gimp while I did the animation and everything else.
Now all that's left is the actual movie, which is going to be about 7 minutes long (I hope) and in three parts. We have to make the backgrounds, finish the script, translate it into Hikaran (a gibberish language), and record all of the voices. This is going to take forever.

I have also obtained Gimp for my computer, which means my artwork will begin to have nice effects to help complement the effort that I put into it. So after a long break of no art, I might make something.


After my first failed flash, I'm trying again.
This time the flash focuses around my original character, Hornet, in a three part movie called Legend of the Akrians (LOTA). In LOTA, Hornet arrives at his home planet of Akria to find that it is being assaulted by an elite troop under an unknown leader. There, he fights his way to protect his home, killing those that tried to stop him.
I am working with Slain-By-The-Bell on this flash so while I animate and draw the characters, he's helping make the backgrounds. He and I are also doing all of the voices, which speak in a jibberish language that we invented.
So expect the first part to come after much blood, sweat and tears and hope that it turns out well.

May the card be with you.

My own Karakuridoji

2009-08-07 08:13:28 by Flashcard-Man

I am getting bored of Pokemon and pokemon related posts. So instead I will display my favorite Manga artist. If you have never heard of Hiroyuki Takei then I shall educate you. He is a brilliant manga artist who made the blockbuster manga: Shaman King. Shaman King is funny and serious while creating a vivid world that exists in our own. If you haven't read it, you should.

The real reason behind this post, however, is Ultimo. Ultimo is a manga that is made by Stan Lee as the creator of the concept and Takei as the artist. Here is an important part of his Q and A:

"Q: Now that we've met Ultimo and Vice, are there more karakuridoji (mechanical boys) who will appear?
Hiroyuki Takei: I'm thinking about creating more characters like that -- as many as I can think of. (turns to audience) If you have any thing in mind that would be a perfect idea for a new kind of karakuridoji, please let me know. That would help me a lot. (laughs)"

So I made my own character, Eon the Karakuridoji. In the picture, he is standing on top of a building overlooking a city with the moon off-screen to the right. So here he is.
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Card be with you and whatnot
Newgrounds: everything by everyone, but not on the Art Portal.

My own Karakuridoji


2009-08-01 11:16:37 by Flashcard-Man

I've decided against posting my lousy flash work "Midnight Flight" for the following reasons

1) The still-life (all 3 of them) that I had made by hand were ruined on flash, so a big chunk of the movie looks pixilated
2) The flash is too short, about 45 seconds.
3) I have no sound or music that goes well with my flash
4) It's my first try, so it doesn't look that great
5) I still don't know how to put on a preloader
6) I need more practice

I will post the still-life works on the Art portal, so Slain-By-The-Bell's victory in the contest will still be visible.

On a side note, I will probably try to make a flash again. I will make all the art on flash, make it either very long or short, and use my witty sense of humor because most people prefer lousy comedies and parodies than well animated serious movies.

On a side note to the side note: Buster reached level 100 on my Platinum today, so I will have a work up commemorating that.