Legend of the Akrians: Hornet

2009-08-18 17:35:19 by Flashcard-Man

After my first failed flash, I'm trying again.
This time the flash focuses around my original character, Hornet, in a three part movie called Legend of the Akrians (LOTA). In LOTA, Hornet arrives at his home planet of Akria to find that it is being assaulted by an elite troop under an unknown leader. There, he fights his way to protect his home, killing those that tried to stop him.
I am working with Slain-By-The-Bell on this flash so while I animate and draw the characters, he's helping make the backgrounds. He and I are also doing all of the voices, which speak in a jibberish language that we invented.
So expect the first part to come after much blood, sweat and tears and hope that it turns out well.

May the card be with you.


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2009-08-18 17:51:24

Em istyra oloispiryr... du otceyorp istyrao guhe, pos?
It means "I am waiting... the project will be huge, yes?" You need to bulk up on your jibberish, mister.


2009-08-19 05:34:11

Level 8 bruddah :3