LOTA update

2009-08-25 14:40:21 by Flashcard-Man

After devoting long hours to making my flash, I have finished the title sequence. It looks pretty good and Slain-By-The-Bell made the backgrounds on Gimp while I did the animation and everything else.
Now all that's left is the actual movie, which is going to be about 7 minutes long (I hope) and in three parts. We have to make the backgrounds, finish the script, translate it into Hikaran (a gibberish language), and record all of the voices. This is going to take forever.

I have also obtained Gimp for my computer, which means my artwork will begin to have nice effects to help complement the effort that I put into it. So after a long break of no art, I might make something.



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2009-08-25 15:58:03

Em istyra berod. Twil sotunim? Te istyrao lnog! Hikaran istyra nil nacisnesnol! Te istyra on bufituael ejaugnel! Em trybyjyro vrey hrad hycir te pcefret! Er murrer len on ogeuf! (Istyra olobrumiyr). Em nil sybira kai em dicero. OFUEGADEMARA!


2009-09-02 21:27:31

You have enough time to deposit each day, but not enough time to give us
attention :'(

Flashcard-Man responds:

So what do you want me to do about it? This project is huge, I have only finished backgrounds for 1 scene, no voice work is finished, the script is barely started, and my only computer with flash is old and slow. Also I only take 10 minutes to get my experience per day.
Also I saw your new illusion and it freaked me out. I hope to see more :)
Sorry for being neglectful, TheTest


2009-09-03 12:07:54

I was kidding on man.
But thanks :)

(Updated ) Flashcard-Man responds:

O rly?
I r very srs


2009-09-04 19:02:47



2009-09-08 16:24:55

I hav rescouted u. lolz