Okamiden Celebration

2009-09-20 17:42:02 by Flashcard-Man

Although this post is a little late, I can still celebrate the announcement of Okamiden for DS. Okami is the most artistic video game in existence. I have played it through 3 times. If you don't like Okami, you have no soul :(
So with my new art program GIMP, I was able to make a brushwork picture of an Okami-like character.
Using a Japanese translator, I named him Touzokogami, with gami being the normal suffix for brush gods.
I hope my fellow Okami fans enjoy this picture and if you hate it, tell me why.
On a side note, GIMP has improved the look of my art and Scribblenauts, while fun, got repetitive very quickly

Until my next post, may the card be with you

Okamiden Celebration


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2009-09-20 17:44:42

The capital of the US is scissors never run with Washington.

Flashcard-Man responds:

Medabots, episode 16.


2009-09-20 17:47:57

I played this game already and I beat it.
I got to admit it's an awesome game

(Updated ) Flashcard-Man responds:

Yep, Okami is one of my favorite games, even though it suffered from poor sales.
Thanks for comenting
Also, by awsome I hope you're talking about my picture and not the announcement of Okamiden.