Touzokogami, Again

2009-10-05 20:22:27 by Flashcard-Man

Again with the Okami art by Flashcard-Man. I felt that I needed to make something, so I made my brush god in a feline pose under the stars with a dandelion nearby. I found my work to be great this time, much better than when I first started at Newgrounds.
If anyone else uses GIMP, they can tell that I used excessive amounts of smudging, blur, and softglow.
I hope people enjoy this one.

On a side flashcard note: LOTA is still on pause due to voice acting issues, but I'm thinking of doing more art about myself, Flashcard Man, including a comic.
Look forward to future Flashcard work


Touzokogami, Again


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2009-10-05 20:24:04

If practice makes perfect but nobody's perfect, why practice?

(Updated ) Flashcard-Man responds:

Well how much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood, but a woodchuck does not chuck wood so what would it really chuck.


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