New Art

2009-10-31 13:33:07 by Flashcard-Man

It has been about 20 days since my last post and my last submitted piece of artwork. I was unscouted right after being scouted without being given reasons why.

So I made this campfire on GIMP, but I'm not sure if I'm done with it yet. I could through in some pokemon, or add a bag or two, just something to make the field feel less empty. Suggestions are appreciated

And, due to the better quality of my recent art, most of my works before my self portrait are to be removed in hopes of removing their stigma. You can always see them on my news posts or you can ask for me to re-post them. I realize my art is not as good as most of the Art Portal artists, but I am improving through the power of Flashcards

Below is a picture of my campfire in a clearing.
And that's it


New Art


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2009-11-07 08:22:44

nice picture its al little blurred but my comps a littel wierd right now so it might just be me

Flashcard-Man responds:

It looks blurred because of the JPEG format that I have to use to post it in a news post. If you look in my art section (it's the icon with the glowing eyes), you can see it blur free. Thanks for the compliment; I'm glad you enjoyed the picture.