Even More Art!

2009-11-22 20:13:14 by Flashcard-Man

If you ever looked at my page, you would have seen Geom, a bunch of geometric shapes that order themselves to the general body shape of a human. Well, I decided to create another related picture, Bladus and his partner, with Bladus being the same breed of creature as Geom.

So what's with the human's glowing watch? Why is a creature with sword arms allied with him? Why is there a giant lightning bolt as the background? And what does this picture have to do with Geom?
Since no one views my art anyway, I won't waste the data space or time answering these questions. It would also be best if you viewed the picture in my art section, due to the fact that JPEG messes up my artwork

If you happen to stumble upon my page or my artwork, be sure to leave a review or you may find flashcards imbedded in your skull, or maybe your notes will go missing the day before a big English test.

I have that power


Even More Art!


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2009-11-22 20:18:02

Made with flash?

Flashcard-Man responds:

Nope, I used GIMP. It's free and easy to use, and I use it to add a professional touch to my doodles.