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2009-07-24 16:12:28 by Flashcard-Man

For those of you who visited my page yesterday, you know all about this.
Here's the summery: I am making a movie and I want some input for the opening scene.

1) Post a comment telling me what color/pattern Cobalt and Marco should have on their beds
2) The winner's idea gets used
3) The winner gets their name in the credits along with a happy face like this: :)
4) If no one else comments by 4:00 on 7/25/09, Slain-By-The-Bell wins by default
5) Have fun and be creative, the picture (without colored beds) is included below

May the card be with you.


Well, I finally got Flash working on my computer, so my first flash work is now in production.
Most importantly, it stars Marco the Skarmory!

The synopsis is that Cobalt is falling asleep (with Marco in the room) when suddenly his goggles are stolen. Marco has to pursue the thief and bring the goggles back.

The way I am doing it is hand drawing every still life and making the moving objects on flash. Hopefully I'll learn as I go along, find good music, and get it past the blaming system. It should be a little over a minute long.

In honor of this event, I propose a contest:
Below I have included the opening scene of my work, Cobalt's bedroom. The problem is that both Cobalt's bedspread and Marco's bed are uncolored.
So the contest is: suggest how I should color these pieces and I will include your name in the credits. Also, visiting my page in the past will definitely help your chances :)

May the Card be with you

Work in Progress and Contest

From Riches to Ribbons

2009-07-20 11:01:26 by Flashcard-Man

After a nice relaxing week, I decided to finish a comic I sketched a while back. Dante finally gets his comic appearance and despite my previous post, Marco is nowhere to be found. I'm running out of jokes. I have two other sketches I think are funny, but pokemon is getting a little stale for me. Maybe once HeartGold/SoulSilver are released new ideas would come, but judging from translation time, that should occur in April 2010.

I did actually buy the Gorgeous Royal Ribbon and I did get all the money from battling Rich Boy Trey (route 222) with Dante with an Amulet Coin. It worked and it is useless. I see no point in buying it now, so Cobalt decided to burn down the syndicate :)

If you want to know about Dante, read this
Dante is Cobalt's Flareon. Dante is a very depressed and lonely pokemon (hence his name, Dante, who wrote about Hell). He only finds comfort in Cobalt, like in Cobalt's Respite. He also has crazy high attack, which is useless because the only physical fire attack he knows is Fire Fang, but since his special attack is alright, he learned Fire Blast through TM. If only there was an "Inferno" attack, then I could go "Dante used Inferno" :)

I would also like to thank the three or so people who have actually looked at my comic, thanks.

Enjoy the Comic; expect maybe a few more, and then expect some original ideas from the mind of Flashcard-Man.

From Riches to Ribbons

Introducing Marco

2009-07-07 16:50:48 by Flashcard-Man

This is a public anouncement by Marco the Skarmory

Hey guys! So far, you have seen my buds, Buster, Dante, and Faraday with Cobalt. The only problem is that I haven't been shown yet. Me! To be honest, Buster is stupid, Dante is depressing and Faraday can't talk, he only beeps. I am perfect, however. Cobalt bred me to be the best there is. So then I wondered why hasn't Flashcard Man shown me in any of Cobalt's comics? He is jealous, that's why. I'm too cool, he's afraid I might outdo him, and he'd be right.

So I hacked his account and posted my anger that I haven't appeared yet. I also made this awesome picture of me, so I'm posting it on here and but I can't post it on the art portal because Slain-By-The-Bell gave me a picture for a background (it does do me justice though).

Got to go, Cobalt calls.

And remember, I was bred to be the best.
Marco the Skarmory

EDIT: I can't believe Marco did that. Anyway, I'll be sure to give him the attention he deserves once I can think of a good joke involving a huge metal bird. He has a long beak and a strange spike at the top of his head because his father was a Fearow. Cobalt bred his mother, Scar, with a Fearow that had drill peck and sky attack. Thus, Marco is special to Cobalt because of his egg moves, the aforementioned drill peck and sky attack. This was the best way to introduce Cobalt's (and my) favorite pokemon, Skarmory and I'm sorry for the lack of posts (it has been like a week!)

May the card be with you

Introducing Marco

Last night I finished yet another comic, Route 51, and it is my first 4/5 panel comic so it probably looks bad on this post (so check it out at my art page).
If you don't get the joke, think of Area 51.
This one features one of my favorite pokemon, Faraday the Magnezone, who is very fun to draw.

Right now, Slain-by-the-Bell and I are working on a new character, Nero, who will be appearing in strips to come. I would also like to thank TheTest for looking at my works and enjoying them.

And now for some sarcasm:
Ever read this quote from the FAQ section "Just submit at least four pieces of quality art and be patient, someone will find you! Every single person with art in the Art Portal has the ability to scout others, so there will be a lot of people with their eyes peeled for great submissions."
I think they need to rethink the system.

Enough of my complaining though. Enjoy the comic and tell me what you think
If you can't read it, check it out in my unscouted art section and leave a review please.

Encounters of the Comic Kind

Wake up, Little Trainer

2009-06-30 10:33:03 by Flashcard-Man

It's Done!
I spent a lot of last night and this morning finishing this comic strip.
I think that it is pretty funny, but I would like to hear what you think.
I also posted it on my art page, just in case you can't read the font or want to look at the messy full version.

A little side note: These comics are not in chronological order, in fact, after the next strip, I am making one featuring Eterna Gym. I make the comic when I come up with the joke, deal with it.

Enjoy and may the card be with you

Wake up, Little Trainer

After not getting any positive feedback about my work, I decided to color my comic, because a picture without color is like a flash movie without music. The color helped to add soul to the work, and also a lot of hours of editing my hand drawn work on the computer and then coloring it for an even longer time.

With that out of the way, I posted my first comic in color, which features Cobalt in the Great Marsh Safari Game (which I personally don't like). It is available in the art section and more should come eventually.

Until I finish that, however, may the card be with you

Other News: Everyone is dying! A little while ago, two stars died and now Billy Mays is dead! I didn't care that much about Jackson, I had never heard his stuff and only knew of his bad later years. But I watched Pitchmen and loved to see youtube parodies making fun of Billy Mays! They say there was no "foul play" in the news, but I like to think it was Vince. Its sad that everyone is dying, but in the end, tragedy makes a person stronger. Rest in peace, Mays, but only if you order now...

That Sinking Feeling and Other News

Cobalt vs. Cynthia

2009-06-25 15:41:49 by Flashcard-Man

My second illustration for Newgrounds is finally done.

In this one, Cobalt, Buster, and Faraday are about to take down the champion and her Garchomp. I made Cobalt in a fighting pose to make him seem serious while Buster copied his stance. I used linear perspective to make the floor and add an interesting depth to the picture.

All Characters and Concepts (c) Nintendo (except Cobalt)

I will also post it on the Art Portal (assuming its working)
Until my next post, may the card be with you

Cobalt vs. Cynthia

I decided to post my masterpiece here.
It is called "Cobalt's Respite" and for those of you who do not know, Respite means a break.
With him are his favorite pokemon, Dante the Flareon, Buster the Heracross, and Faraday the Magnezone.
(PS: Faraday is named after Faraday's Law- a changing magnetic field creates and electric field)
All characters and concepts (c) Nintendo (except Cobalt)
I hope to be scouted soon so the portal will be flooded by my art.

Sketch: 15 minutes
Redrawing: 30 minutes
Coloring: 2 hours
Getting scouted: Priceless
There are somethings time can't buy, for everything else there's Newgrounds

Until my next post: may the card be with you

Respite for Cobalt, Work for Flashcard Man

Roark the Rock

2009-06-23 14:24:44 by Flashcard-Man

Since I finally got a response about my first comic shown, "I got your Nosepass", I decided to post another.
Again, all characters and concepts are (c) to Nintendo
And if you cannot read the comic here, it is posted under my art section.
thank you Slain-by-the-Bell for looking at them every time a reposted in order to attract attention to it, I will probably post it over and over again.

Roark the Rock