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Capture Preview

2009-06-21 17:05:02 by Flashcard-Man

The comic that I had mentioned just a few hours ago is now ready to be posted. Each one is called "Capture" with a saying after it. Editing eraser marks and mistakes takes a while, so don't expect more than 1 a month. Also included are these Disclaimers

1) I will not post any until the previous one has been commented on
2) All characters are (c) to Nintendo, except Cobalt
3) If you wish to use Cobalt or his Pokemon for any of your projects, notify me and wait for a response, otherwise you shall be attacked by Flashcards.
4) The comic is not meant to offend any person or parties or pokemon fans. I, myself, am a fan of pokemon and that is why I am making this comic.
5) Do not take these comics and post them on your own website
6) Never ask me when the next one is comming, I will not be like VG cats

That is it, I would like feedback on the comic.
If the image doesn't show up, try changing your angle of view or look at it in my art section

Capture Preview

Impending Doom

2009-06-19 14:53:42 by Flashcard-Man

Lately, since it is almost summer, I have been doing clever, 3 or 4 panel comics about a Pokemon trainer named Cobalt. These works tell about his adventure through the world of Pokemon Platnium version and tries to show either how silly something is or to just cause laughter. Together with his Heracross Buster and his Flareon Dante, he challenged the gyms of the world and saved everyone, somehow.

All pokemon characters and concepts (c) Nintendo

Once I get scouted and have a working scanner, I plan on posting these comic strips every once in a while. Please note that they are all hand drawn and include no color because I feel that the pixels of the computer and the coloring ruins my true intentions as an artist (and as a superhero).

PS: I do have some pixel art, so please check it out and tell me what you think. If you want to know who Flashcard Man is, see my previous post

Impending Doom

Who am I?

2009-06-18 21:44:29 by Flashcard-Man

I am Flashcard Man. A new breed of superhero. I use wisdom as my weapon and cards as my allies. Using my card based powers, I defend my school from the evils of the Disruptor and his ally Trump Card. I must defeat them each time and send them packing with a card in thier side.

On my icon, I am in the center with a demon text book, Text Bite to the upper left and the evil essay, DBQ to the right. These are just examples of the evils I fight every day.

When evil takes a break, I act as an artist and I hope to put up some of my works in the art portal once people start scouting me and I find my digital camera.

Till then, may the card be with you